Research Themes

Advanced Manufacturing

Research interests include nanoink printing for flexible electronics, nanoimprinting for metamaterials, and viscoelasticity-induced 3D micro-/nano-fabrication for multifunctional flexible films.

Current and Past Projects

a. Nanoink printing and sintering

b. Nanoimprinting

c. Additive manufacturing

d. Viscoelastic instability-induced surface morphology modification

e. Multi-physics, multi-scale composite materials design

Multi-physics, Multi-scale Design for Composites

Research interests include multifunctional composites for photoacoustic transducers, metasurfaces, and electromagnetic device applications.

Current and Past Projects

a. Photoacoustics

b. Mid-wavelength Infrared metasurfaces

c. EM applications

Semiconductor and Electronics Packaging

Research interests include computational multi-physics, multi-scale simulation for electrical and mechanical behaviors of 3DHI (3D Heterogeneous Integration) packaging.

Current and Past Projects

a. 3DHI Power electronics on glass substrates

b. Thermo-mechanical reliability

In-situ X-ray Investigation for Mesoscale Dynamics in Ferroelectic Materials

Research interests include is an in-situ characterization method based on the X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS) for mesoscale dynamics in ferroelectric materials. We utilize statistical analytics to process the big data from XPCS.

Current and Past Projects

a. Relaxor – PT material in-situ characterization

Current Open Positions

1. Data analytics for X-ray scattering image processing

Required skills: Python, Statistics, Image processing

A single experiment run yields thousands of X-ray scattering images, and our objective is to employ Python for processing these images. We will utilize the correlation function to mathematically articulate the relationships between these images. Employing Python for statistical analysis will help unveil the distribution characteristics of the correlation function, providing insights into the atomic-scale dynamics of the material being studied.

2. Computer simulation for machining noise characteristics

Required skills: ANSYS, LS-DYNA

We want to simulate changes in noise characteristics due to tool wear.

3. 3D printing with ISRU Lunar simulant

Required skills: Solidworks, Mechanical testing, 3D printing

4. Passive radiative cooling film using viscoelastic instability effect in composites

Required skills: Nanocomposite fabrication, Optical measurement