Our mission is to create multifunctional composite materials with unique characteristics and functionalities and apply them to engineering problems. We seek to understand and exploit the physical characteristics of the complex material system. Our research scope includes the design and synthesis of multifunctional nanocomposites, material characterization, physical property modeling, application in novel devices, and scalable manufacturing with composite materials.

Our current research focuses on (1) optical, photonic, and electromagnetic composite materials based on physical design principles and statistical design models, (2) multifunctional 3-dimensional topographical surfaces for biological applications, space applications, and energy harvesting, and (3) additive manufacturing of composite materials for sustainability.

Graduate and undergraduate students in our laboratory enjoy multidisciplinary research with world-class research facilities in the Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network, NCSU Nanofabrication FacilityAnalytical Instrumentation Facility, and DOE Argonne National Lab.

Potential graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Jon Ryu (jryu@ncsu.edu) and MAE Graduate Office for application information. Potential post-docs and undergraduates can direct their inquires to Dr. Ryu.

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