Conference Presentations

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  5. Ryu, J., et al. “Electrically tunable midwavelength infrared metasurface based on a metacomposite substrate film,” ASME IMECE, Salt Lake City, UT, Nov. 14, 2019 (presentation)
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  7. BH An, et al. “Design of Microwave Absorption Structures Based on Magnetite Multi-Granule Nanocluster–Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composite Materials,” MRS Fall 2018 (poster)
  8. Mansouri M. et al. “Selective patterning of metallic layers on the 3D printed polymers based on hygroscopic swelling behavior of two different materials,” Bulletin of the American Physical Society, APS March Meeting Mar. 5-9, 2018, Los Angeles, California (poster)
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