MAE 543 Fracture Mechanics


MAE 543 Fracture Mechanics
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Instructor:     Dr. Jon Ryu (EBIII 3413, 919-515-5235),

Text:  Sun C. T., and Jin, Z. H., Fracture Mechanics, Academic Press- Elsevier

Prerequisites: Introductory graduate-level course in advanced strength of materials or theory of elasticity (MAE541) or consent of the instructor

Software Requirement: Basic graphing capability like Excel, symbol manipulation capability like MAPLE, and matrix manipulation like MATLAB.

Course Outline:

Concept of elastic stress intensity factor, Griffith energy balance, determination of the elastic field at a sharp crack tip via eigenfunction expansion methods, J integrals analysis, experimental determination of fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth, elastic-plastic crack-tip fields. Emphasis on modern numerical methods for determination of stress intensity factors, critical crack sizes, and fatigue crack propagation rate predictions.