Simulation and Validation of Three Dimension Functionally Graded Materials by Material Jetting

Salcedo E, Baek D, Berndt A, Ryu JE. Simulation and validation of three dimension functionally graded materials by material jetting. Additive Manufacturing. 2018 Aug 1;22:351-9.

The goal of this work is to validate the material models for parts created with a Material Jetting 3-dimensional printer through the comparison of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations and physical tests. The strain maps generated by a video extensometer for multi-material samples are compared to the FEA results based on our material models. Two base materials (ABS-like and rubber-like) and their composites are co-printed in the graded tensile test samples. The graded islands are embedded in the rubber-like test specimens. The simulations were conducted utilizing previously fitted material models, a two-parameter Mooney-Rivlin model for the elastic materials (Tango Black+, DM95, and DM60) and a bilinear model for the rigid material (Vero White+). The results show that the simulation results based on our material models can predict the deformation behaviors of the multi-material samples during a uniaxial tensile test. Our simulation results are able to predict the maximum strain in the matrix material (TB+) within 5% error. Both global deformation pattern and local strain level confirm the validity of the simulated material models.